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  1. hello tim….yes change is very hard. How does one change habits from a lifetime? I quess that is like asking me to stop being gay. The change comes from one day at a time. I am not sure of how I will fit into your army. I have always felt like I have never known you. You were always this person who kept trying to dodge life. At points in my life I was very jealous of you. You ask jealous of WHAT? Your smartness, your ability to adapt to new situations easily, your talents of learning new things easily, In high school i often had thoughts of what it would be like to switch heads with you. You know the old saying the grass is always greener on the otherside. You talk of anxiety….Life is full of anxiety and you have to master its control. Other people are usually the source of anxiety. I hope I can help you in being a part of your army.

    • THANK YOU .. this is really hard … the hardest thing I have ever done …Yes things did seem to come easy for me , but inside my head is a different story . I held my sights to high seeking approval from my piers . I am on a long journey .. It will take up the rest of my life … and coming to grips with this is by far the hardest thing anyone can do

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