7 comments on “A new chapter…?

  1. Your home might have been your sanctuary, but everyone else in the home was so stressed that even Bubba stayed in the closet. Michael and Lexi freak out every time they think you are around. You have yet to mention the wrongs you have done to your son or your grandchildren. What about the other wives and how they were treated. I was left with nothing but alot of bills and bad dreams, talk about that anxiety. You know my number if you want to talk, but I really think everything has been said.

    • Thanks for your comments …I will talk of the wrongs I did … I’m getting up to that …Please understand this is extremely hard for me …. I’m doing the best I can … I would like to call you but as we both know ..I can’t rite now … I dont think all has been said … I need to say a few things to you and you alone ….

  2. I’m scared to call you Teresa … I am very upset with myself for what Iv’e done … I know you still harbor anger towards me … I need positive things in my life…. as you were when we first met… I can say I’m sorry for the rest of my life , I know its more than being sorry now and I am so trying to attain it …btw this blog is my true feelings …. they always have been..

    • It doesn’t sound like you. The words in the blog sound more like Krystal. How are you going to cover her name all over you? Yes you have made my life hell and I seem to be still there. I don’t know that there is anything you can say to fix that. I do hope you find what you are looking for.

  3. This is me … Yes I do sound different..because I am different… Teresa I have for the first time in my life made the change I should have years ago… Crystal means nothing to me and quite frankly didn’t when we were playing this game. I was mad and full of anger towards the world … Only thing was ..it was me all along . The pain I felt when we split was so sever to me … I lost what little bit of reality I had left… I know what I want in my life.. the only thing is how to get there… The first thing I have to do is fix myself… I have to find peace and love for myself before I can continue… I think you understand what I’m saying…. I can’t lose anymore… and if you didn’t know you were the best thing that ever happened to me ,you were.. and I thank you for all you did… just wish i could have expressed myself the way I felt … rather than the guy on the high horse I thought I was … I have done terrible things and I can’t take them back…all i can do is try by self improvement to make everyone understand why i did what I did….

    • Good luck. I hope you succeed in finding your peace. I don’t hate you but the love that I once had for you was injured a long time ago. I wish you the best. Goodbye.

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