5 comments on “Sunday Feb 19

  1. Tim in my opinion… drugs played a big role and ruined it for u…u did alot of things and lost alot of friends and family but in the aspect of drugs it cant be blamed all on u there were others that helped u along that path as well so u cant just blame urself i have know u for 2 years and i have set back and watched your life go from to great to rock bottom in a matter of months… i hope your changing for yourself and not for anyone else… you need to do this for u… i have faith that u can just please stay on the right path…. u have a grandson and u dont want him to know u as who u were before he needs to know the new and improved tim the one off of drugs and living his life right if u have noone else to do it for do it for urself and your grandchildren… i hope im not bothering u but i am extremely proud that your trying and i hope this all works for you

  2. Autumn, I can’t believe that you are buying this when he never had a good word to say about you or Peyton. Have forgotten sleeping in the floor in a shed the week before he was born because Tim kicked you and Cory out in the middle of the nite? I hope Tim can get his act together but I am not buying into this 100% especially after the text he sent to his son last nite.

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