13 comments on “A new chapter ……..cont

  1. FB is not reliable. She has told several that the two of you were seeing each other since the Easter cookout when she was shaking her ass in your face.

  2. I don’t know what truth you are referring to. There is so much being said by so many people I don’t know the truth about this situation anymore.

    • This is what happened to me when I was with her believe it or don’t… She is not my Girl friend and never was you all just need to believe it..we were only friends

  3. My opinion in this case is as follows around the time of the easter cookout is when she started messing with terry so they couldnt have been together then..terry n crystal then got a home and moved in and brought angie then terry left and it was crystal and angie i can vouch for that bc at that time i lived n rocky mount as well and crystal and angie were there

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