11 comments on “Tuesday Feb 21….a new day…?

  1. It is a new day for you. Just remember that it takes time to rebuilt relationships that has been so badly fractured for so many years. Just remember that you need to take care of you and everything else will come in time. Trust me on that.

  2. This monster you are fighting uses the most powerful invisible weapons. He uses his weapons on those who love the addict to infect them as well. The similarities of how the addict/alcoholic and their loved ones become entrapped in the craziness gives the monster its power. Two things I believe are most helpful for both the addict and the loved one is facing “my life has become unmanageable” and “let it begin with me”.

    Just as the addict/alcoholic oftens places blame on such things as losing a job, the economy, parents, friends, bad luck, or anything else, so too do we the loved ones place blame for our unhappiness on the addict’s actions. Although there may be truth to both sides, only when we take responsibility for our own happiness can we actually have that happiness. This monster makes us think we do not have any choice, but we do – addict or loved one – we each have choices of how we behave, think, live.

    Siblings, parents, spouses, adult children can all step up and acknowledge how this monster has got a hold on them and learn how they can fight this monster too. It may be with you, Tim, or it may be with out you, but each and every one of us are responsible for our own happiness. I think the thing that separates many is – do you have the courage to face that it is YOU who is responsible for your happiness or unhappiness? You are showing you have the courage. Acknowledging your wrongs is a part of the process whether you are the addict or a loved one. Both are victims of this terrible monster.

    Keep up the fight, Tim!

    • Thanks for your comment Sandy it is so true … I am gaining strength from all this I am being empowered and motivated more to this fight .. I do know some don’t understand or believe in me … that is there opinion , I know to be true , this fight is hard … this is a monster but I will prevail.. I will win.. this monster hasnt met someone like me in a while … I will win

  3. Every situation has more than one choice, you need to learn which one to make. Don’t erase Cory, he is hurting too and needs a father – too bad you aren’t here for him.

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