6 comments on “an addict never changes…….?

  1. Yes you will always be an addict, but what you make of your life can help you to raise above the label. Once an alcoholic always an alcoholic, how many do you think are running our state and federal governments?

  2. I would say an addict rarely changes. It is extremely hard to beat. Although there is no personal experience so how can i judge. Yes you will always be a drug addict BUT not one that uses. I hope this is coming accross the right way. Writing is not my strong point. I would suggest not talking to this person again as they are not interested in helping you. You will find siomeone. Are there any narcotic anonymous meetings nearby?? maybe that could be a starting point for some info. the trust from the ones close to you is broken and therefore thier opinions of you will be negative. sorry but people tend to live in the past. keep moving forward…waiting for next post.

  3. There are a lot of negative people by nature. There are also those who have been disappointed and severly hurt time and time again by loving an addict. After hoping and what is genuinely thought to be helping time and time again, it gets to the point where you feel you are stupid to ever believe and trust the addict again because every time you do you are just being duped again. It is all part of how addiction destroys not only the life of the addicted but also the sanity and lives of those who love the addict. Not only are there local AA and NA meetings, there are also Alanon meetings every night of the week (yes, even here). I recommend Alanon to anyone who loves an alcholic or addict. Some recovering addicts/alcoholics attend also and I found the mix to be exetremly helpful. “Take what you like, leave the rest.” Tim, this is YOUR recovery. Those who love you are in charge of their own recovery.

    • Thanks Sandy … That’s a great point and … wow woke me up a little to the fact that I dont have control over others feelings and to only worry of mine..for now I can’t afford extra worry … you are so helpful .. Thanks again

  4. I’ve been following your blog Tim. My feelings are you need a rehab…there you will gain all the life skills to handle these issues. your making it harder on yourself…get into a program. It may not be the rehab you want however you have to ask yourself if your way has worked for you these past 30 years.

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