3 comments on “Feeling good….

  1. Tim, I know you feel better but you need to put your energy into your rehab….I know you want to work but working can add a different kind of stress. Just give it a little more thought and see what the doctors say.

  2. The signs of improvement are really starting to show, and you should be really proud of yourself for that. There’s going to be good and bad days, but believe me it keeps getting better, and you’ll love it. Mentally I know it can be a lot harder..it’s a long process and takes a while but you’re already starting to get there. Being a bit bored is natural I think, you’re no longer preventing yourself from ‘feeling’ things so it can seem like the day takes longer to get through. I understand you feel the need to work, in my opinion just be careful. Taking on job stress while you’re at a vulnerable stage like this can be overwhelming. Job stress is often one of the many things that made us want to self medicate in the first place. Consider yourself kind of like a raw nerve that you don’t want to put too much pressure on right now. I’d say take it slow, if you can..and if you feel that you absolutely need to get back to work, maybe start with something part time, and I mean really part time.. As other people have said in their comments, a rehab program would be a really good idea. It’s true that rehab programs aren’t for everyone, but they do help. In a way you’re starting over, and all the anxiety and confusion you’re feeling is one of the things a rehab program can help you with. It also gives you a chance to be around other people going through similar situations, all trying to sort the new feelings out. It’s something to definitely consider, and always a choice. Most important thing though is to know you’re not alone, and keep communicating. You’re doing great, and when you have difficult moments, just take a deep breath and remember how far you’ve come in just the past week or so. You can do this 🙂

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