5 comments on “Thursday..Feb 23 ….. I feel sick…?

  1. I am happy for your health improvement. You used to cough and gag for an hour each morning, it has to be a relief not to go through that every day. With your body healthy, the rest will follow, it will take time and not be as noticeable as the physical but it will come.

    • Thanks Teresa … yes you would know better than anyone what i did every morn… I am truly blessed and hope your right …. the emotional part is very stressful and I’m looking for improvement…

  2. You just gotta take small steps. The problem did not happen overnite and the cure wont either. Hopefully it wont take 30 years for the recovery. Keep good thoughts and one step at a time.

    • Thanks … yes I do know your sense of humor Teresa .. here’s the thing .. I am in change and please believe me when I say changing I am..I don’t take offence to comments like I did … One thing I can see difference in …I am proud of this accomplishment… These little wins fuel this war I have going on in my head… Please continue to comment as you know me better than most..

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