4 comments on “Friday Feb 24……ummmm

  1. Tim….I am reading your blog everyday. I maynot comment very much as what is there to say really. I am not one for words. I just state the facts and move on. I was very angry at you for a long time. Not that I hate you BUT I did not like your behaviors. It will take a long time for me to REALLY believe in you. Are you sincere…maybe or maybe not. I have feelings of sadness now in reading the blog. The sadness is lessening with each day. You are on my mind almost 24/7. What can I do to help is question number one. Is my help needed or wanted? You state you want to work. Yes I think work is not a bad idea as it is a distraction from your thoughts. Do I think a 40 hour a week job is needed…NO. Maybe 2-3 hours a day. Now the problem with that is where and transportation. I know you must be bored out of your mind. How about trying to go to library and reading or getting some exercise by walking a couple three miles a day. I have another question to ask are you still smoking or are you trying to quit that also? It was nice to see you via skype the other nite. hey I should be getting to bed as i am working tonite. I do read your blog at work mostly. have a good day and night. love your sister

    • Thanks Lisa …Yes there are several with thoughts of anger towards me …In time I sure hope to build trust in my family again . I don’t expect much now as this is a start to a new life for me …I also understand some friends and family wont believe in me as to the sincerity of this quest. All I can do is fix myself and hope all else falls into place….As for your help , Yes its needed just listen for now and make up your own mind ..if I’m doing the right thing ..If not tell me what you think.. I need guidance right now not anger…It was good to see on skype as well and hope you day is great Love Tim

  2. Lisa suggested some of the thoughts I had as examples of things to do. No matter which methods you decide are best for your rehabilitation, the outcome must be new coping skills, new thought patterns, and so on. There are many possibilities of things to do such as taking a class or volunteering. The website for the Potsdam Library has a link to over 500 free continuing education courses for anyone with a library card from the North Country Library System. One thing that occurs at inpatient rehab is learning about resources available to anyone in the community so you know how to get help with stresses that occur in our daily lives. I learned that when I was invited to speak about the services available from the nonprofit organization I work for.

    This blog was a good idea, Tim. Good things are happening here for you and those who love you.

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