4 comments on “Saturday Feb 25 ….feeling better..?

  1. You are moving way too fast. When you focus that far in the future you will lose sight of what you are dealing with right now. Right now you should be moving one day at a time and setting your sights for tomorrow. I can’t believe that you have finished dealing with all the little things that were on your list of “what the hell”. I am glad that you are feeling better and wanting to move forward, however if you move too fast you might miss something along the way that will benefit you maintaining in the future. You are not the first addict that has been in my life and rushing and/or short cuts don’t work in the long run. I am not trying to be a downer, I just want to see you the way you were when you were clean and we first got together. I do want to be your friend, for now that is all that I can promise.

    • Thanks Teresa .. I’m not really moving fast in my mind …these questions I ask , I know are way ahead and I do have lots of time to deal with them.. If I write about them they seem to not worry me as much.. and I focus on the present more .. I really thank you for your honesty . That’s what I need now , no matter what.. I’m just throwing thoughts out there as they enter my head …When I go to rehab this will slow down as I am going to beat this..

  2. Ok in my opinion no matter where u go in life there will b drugs u cant change that and its not ur fault i just hope that u can stay on the right track and make the right decision that drugs r bad and u dnt want them around….. in rehab they tell u for the first year to stay away from your red zones and that is people places and things that associate u with that past life or the drugs do u remember when we were talking last nite about what happened after u left roanoke… im sure that if u always remember that and keep it in your mind u will never go back im sure that was your turning point and where u made the decision to start living right your doing a great job on your road to recovery and im sooo sooo proud of u…. you can do this i believe in u and just remember god doesnt put things on us we cant handle….. my favorite saying is be the change u wish to c in the world not just another statistic….only u can change this and make everything work and be better i believe in you keep up the great work..

    • Well said psjmommy. No matter where u live there will be drugs. If u seek them u will find them. Tim I understand your worries…they are normal…after rehab life will just fall into place. Just work your program.

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