3 comments on “Do feelings ever go away…?

  1. Ive been there before and depending on how the relationship went and how deeply u were in love is alot in determining weither u have feelings still… i can tell you this up untill about a week ago i had strong feelings for an ex of mine from many years back they were the first person i thought about when i woke up and the last person i thought about when i went to sleep… so u will always have thoughts of old relationships as they were good at some point…. but when u fall in love again u will know as those thoughts of past relationships will decrease and eventually go away… and when u do begin another relationship never look at the faults of your exs in your new love bc then the relationship will never work!!! its not weird to have feelings of the past as long as u know how to handle them…

  2. It depends on the relationship that ended as to the leftover feelings. Sometimes the feelings change to something else, such as friendship, and can grow again. Sometimes they just remain friendships. I have lost to divorce and to death and yes, sometimes there are feelings left that are never dealt with and never forgotten.

  3. I think there are a couple topics in your question. Pjsmommy addressed the topic of feelings from past romantic relationships very well -whether there was any substance abuse or not. But in a relationship where one is an addict that means, as you said, for the addict it is always only about the addict and the addict never feels the emotions. The non-using partner, however, bears much more than their share of awful emotions.

    I have heard a few recoving addicts speak of how deeply they feel all emotions since getting clean. Those I have heard have all been men speaking of how they cry at movies even, lol, and they LIKE that they feel even the so-called bad emotions. They expressed a very moving gratefulness for experiencing all aspects of life that had previously gone unexperienced.

    So far Dale is off today so you could give him a call or send a text first if that works better for you. I’m sending him the link to this blog but he doesn’t get on his computer much so his cell phone is a better bet for you.

    I am very proud of all you have accomplished this far, Tim. Keep it up!

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