6 comments on “Tuesday February 28….hmmm

  1. The negativity will always be there. Yin/Yang- you have to have the rotten so that you can appreciate the good. They are supposed to balance each other. Sorry but yes there are people that petty that they will try to keep you down. Yes you are stronger and will win this.

    • I use to believe this.. But now i’m starting to see if you discard the negative …more positive shows ..That’s what I’m going for in this and trying to implement in my life is the lack of negativity..Thanks for the comments

  2. Those people that are jealous and create negativity in your life are not those that u should be around or even associate yourself with…. you are doing a great job i see improvements in u everyday… continue on your road to improvement ur doing a great job look forward to ur future never look back ur doin great

  3. The feelings of improvement most definitely have not stopped. You’ll have days were it isn’t as noticeable, and other days you’ll feel better than you thought possible. On the days that it doesn’t seem like the feelings are improving, just remember how much better you feel than when you started, it can really put things in perspective. The good days will increase as time goes on, and the feelings and emotions get easier to handle. People that are negative and going so far as to get upset over who you talk to..are only thinking of themselves and not your recovery. They’re not thinking about how important the support from friends and family is, and I’d steer clear of people like that. People like that will try to make you feel guilty for trying to heal and turn your life around. There’s no room for idiocy like that from anyone, at any time and especially now. You’re doing great Tim, it’s showing more and more every day, keep it up..it’s so worth it. You were even grinning a little in your last picture, that was so great to see. You’re going to win this.

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