8 comments on “Wednesday Feb 29….sober three weeks….

  1. Words cant describe how proud of u i am its been a rough road thus far and u still have a long way 2 go great job! im so proud of u

    • Thanks so much for all your support you really have made me feel great with your kind words…Autumn I am truly sorry for the things I did in my past. You sure didn’t deserve them , as you were always nice to me. I really don’t care that everyone knows that were friends as I have moved on . I’m so glad you have seen this change in me as I have also seen one in you. You certainly have stepped up and took control of your situation . Working and taking care of a baby is a very hard thing to do…I respect your diligence in your efforts. Be proud cause I am and keep keeping on girl..

  2. Congratulations in your improvement. I am glad that things are getting better for you mentally as well as physically. Enjoy the plateau, there are more hills (not mountains) that you have ahead and I know that you will concur them.

    • Thanks Teresa …yes its getting easier day by day …i’m feeling good, I really hope your situation gets better…maybe you could get some ideas from this blog..good luck

  3. You’ve got it now, Tim. When life gets complicated, come back to the simple truths that are now illuminated for you. An old friend from the neighborhood said to me “Keep moving forward, no matter what” right when I needed it most. Staying focused on this and other simple positive statements can get us through anything. Negativity generates a variety of mental health difficulties. It is most certainly an open door inviting the addiction monster in and once in the monster breeds all kinds of self-serving thoughts to keep his hold.

    • Sandy you are an awesome and wise person and I am so glad you have become apart of my recovery . Your words have helped me so much i cannot thank you enough.

      • You are very welcome. This is a give and take, though, as we all get some good stuff from being here with you.

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