3 comments on “Thursday March 1

  1. Awww thank you i do consider us best friends and whoever dont like it can go on somewhere im glad i can help u…. u have helped me alot too thank you

  2. Tim I have been reading blog daily along with comments. Autumn has posted positively and appropriately. Autumn being the mother of your grandson is a person to respect and help as needed. About the chantix for stopping smoking, Be careful. It has side effects to include vivid nightmares. I have known one other person to use it and the nightmares were so bad she could not use it. There are other side effects of which you should be aware of. I have a friend who has been sober for 20 plus years and 7 years ago he decided to quit smoking for health reasons. He told me quitting smoking was harded then giving up the booze. He did it cold turkey. If you truly quit smoking I will have even more respect and positive outlook for you. Nicotine and caffine (?sp) are as addicting as other substances. Actually I read the other day that caffine is the most used substance in the USA.

    • Yes I am aware of these as they say nightmares.. actually the term is vivid dreams . I know a friend that it did work for…with small side affects ..so I’m going to try it…I also agree about Autumn …she is now a very respectable person .. she has done things by herself that noone would help her with…when I’m through with this she will have my help

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