2 comments on “Friday March 2…..

  1. Smoking isnt the hardest thing to quit its the second hardest……you have already beat the hardest thing to quit and that was drugs im soo proud of u smoking will be your second hardest thing to quit but i know that u can do it i have faith in you and i believe in u. u can do this!

  2. The biggest factor is if YOU want to quit. I made a few attempts and even though I did want to quit I knew I wasn’t really ready. The last time, I was truly ready, did my research and planning ahead of time and knew going into it that I was done for good – I was going to take my time and make sure I gave them up once and for all. Found some great suggestions on the American Cancer Society website. Several years later when I counted back I rechecked my dates because I couldn’t believe after 20 years of smoking I successfully quit in September 2001? Yep, even through 9/11! The most helpful tip for me was this – if you give in and take a drag, it doesn’t mean you have take another. Just pick up from there and keep trying. And if you smoke 1/2 a cig it doesn’t meant you have to smoke the other half. If you smoke 1 cig it doesn’t mean you give in and smoke another. Just keep trying. If you have a weak day and smoke 1/2 pack, it doesn’t mean you go back to being a smoker. When you get up the next morning, it’s a fresh new day to keep working at giving them up. With the patches to address the physical part of the addiction – which for me was minimal – and the “just keep trying” philosophy combined with Tootsie Pops for the oral-motor thing to fight the after meals and driving, etc. habits – it worked, I got control back permanently. If you are ready to make the change truly for you, you can do it – even now!

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