8 comments on “Monday March 5…..Do you have insurance

  1. im sorry that all tghat places cares about is money and insurance but it will be okay u dnt need them u can do this with the help of me n your friends we can all do this…… im proud of you…

  2. No matter how it appears, the medical profession doesn’t always look for the money. I didn’t have insurance when I had surgery in January. You also have to consider that the doctors are not telling you what you want to hear, they are telling you what will make your recovery a success. Give them a chance, you have tried on your own before, now let the professionals take over.

    • Thanks Teresa …I was Told this morning I need 18000 dollars to go to rehab ..This is in no way possible …if you would let me borrow this I will be the first in line . please dont cast stones we all know what your doing right now . I don’t take advise from drug addicts in denial..

      • I believe that you have received mis-information about my activities what with you being so far away. You contacted me for feedback, honesty and encouragement. You need to get your information straight before you start putting it out in cyberspace like this. Good luck.

      • Hence the definition of denial..umm we all know what going on there…if you chose to lie and make people think different thats fine …I can not repair a marriage with you still being actively using drugs … also the trash you live with and support I will not have anything to do with..so I do appreciate what you thought to be supportive , but is in itself very negative and demeaning ..I do wish you luck Please start living for your self and not the trash you support..as you were an awesome person..good luck to you as well.

  3. Thank you for providing the closure that I needed. I hope this works for you. I am glad you have so many friends that you can talk to people like this. Get them to pay for your rehab.

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