3 comments on “Wednesday March 7…trust who …?

  1. Agreed thatToday is a great day lol who cares what date u put on ur blogt post the date shouldnt matter what u have to say below it is what matters… forget that stupid retartedness… but anyways glad u had a great day..

  2. Read every post and every comment every day and I never noticed the date was wrong. Lol. You are the one that has everything to gain by getting and staying clean and sober. What would you gain by faking it, really? Maybe you have gotten clean in your past but later slipped back to old ways. I know so many that have never even given up the denial aspect to themselves let alone admitting their problem openly. Or if some did for a short period admit they may have a problem they did not have the courage to even try to change. There is no way to succeed at anything unless you first have the courage to try.

    Trust. Trust is a huge issue and will continue to be. Trust your conviction to live a clean and sober and honest life. As long as you live a clean and sober and honest life, the rest will fall into place as it is suppose to.

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