One comment on “Sunday March 11 ….on my way…

  1. Congratulations Tim! Making it to day three is a huge any of us smokers know.. three days is a LONG time..and you should be very proud of yourself. Yes there’s still a long way to go..but know that it does get easier to manage each day. You’ve already taken one of the hardest steps..which is taking action and quitting in the first place. You should give yourself more credit for the steps you’ve achieved so far..and remember the panic and anxiety will be a bit stronger for a little not only are you still healing from the drugs, but the cigarettes now too. So much on your plate and you’re doing an amazing job. You’re learning to deal with all the things that used to be numbed by the drugs and cigs..and doing a great job. The crying episode is perfectly normal..and likely won’t be the last, it’s healthy to take a moment to yourself and let it out, whenever you need to. You might be taking on more anxiety by focusing on too many ‘what if’s though..try not to take those moments of panic and envision how you’d deal with them at a job or anything in the’ll be surprised how well you’ll be able to cope if you feel the panic in a public situation..and there’s a lot of ways to deal with it. As it gets better, it’ll be as easy as a few deep breaths..or maybe going to the restroom and putting a little cold water on your face..washing your hands in warm water sometimes works too..don’t know why.. lol but it does, maybe it’s a comforting distraction and calms a bit. Point is though, as far as the panic and anxiety..focus on the day..that’s why everyone keeps saying one day at a time..small goals lead to bigger ones. Keep focused getting through THIS day and making it a success..then do it again tomorrow. Before you know it you’ll have a lot more days under your belt, the cig monster..or ‘nicodemon’ as I’ve heard it called..will start to fade away..and these emotions will get much easier to deal with. I’m excited for you starting the program this month, you get a lot of good, useful information and I can’t wait to hear about it. Remember you’re going through the hardest part right now.. and look how great you’re doing. 🙂 Keep it up Tim, you can do it!

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