11 comments on “Wednesday March 21…..anxious…

  1. Every person is different, not one the same as another. Do what works for you so that your future is better than your past.

    • That’s what I’m trying to do …I want to continue my life and keep working on this…It seems if I do this I’m going to fail automatically …well I don’t believe this…I have changed a lot by just taking responsibility for my abuse.. I’m ready to start over…

  2. That’s a great article you posted, one that I think everyone should read. It really pays to do a little homework on this stuff. These rehabs definitely aren’t for everyone, but I agree everyone’s different. In my opinion, for the handful of rehabs that truly work, it seems like only a lucky few manage to get in. I never got past the waiting lists. My dad was forced in by his employer.. which unfortunately didn’t work either. I have known a few that did well in rehab though, so it just depends on what works best for us.. rather than just what someone else thinks is best. I think you’ve chosen the right road Tim, you’re doing this the best way possible for yourself, and it’s working. You’ve proven to yourself that taking responsibility and making serious changes on your own can work…and the success is truly showing.

  3. you have strong values and beliefs and I believe you can do it simply because you have set your mind to it! keep up the good work

    • Christine thanks for your support …you have blown me away with the compassion you have shown ..I have been so wrong about people in my past.. Just goes to show maybe were never to old to learn…

      • Why have I blown you away? I have done nothing more than any decent human being should do, and that is not judge you because you are a former user. So what. That doesn’t define who YOU are as a person. How you handle it does : )

      • Well I guess it’s something I haven’t seen from many ,and maybe me underestimating people . I refuse to live my life without the presents of decent and positive people from here on.

  4. Congratulations, I can’t say I know what you’re going through because I don’t, I can say that you are trying and that is great. You are documenting it and that is being accountable to yourself, it also helps you to look at your progress and helps others see they can do it too. All I ever quit was cigarettes that was hard so I can’t begin to imagine how you feel physically, emotionally, mentally. Welcome to the rest of your life one step at a time.

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