6 comments on “Saturday ..Sunday March 24 and 25….this weekend wasn’t good

  1. Tim you did such a great job of sorting through your feelings this weekend.. it shows you’re getting so much stronger..and recognizing that you’re still at a vulnerable stage and protecting yourself. That’s exactly what you should be doing. It’s not wrong to think about your feeling’s first..especially now. So many people carelessly fall back into old ways because they didn’t pay attention to their own feelings..ignored dangers signs and entered into places or situations before they were ready. You’re doing all the right things to make sure you don’t do that..and putting your feelings first is a big part of it. Please don’t have any doubts about that. Putting yourself first isn’t the easiest thing to do..you’re not used to it..but you have to do it. There’s going to be people that test you on this.. like this weekend. People see you in a good mood, doing well, having a good time..and they’ll expect you to be ready for situations you may not be ready for. You should be proud that you recognized this. Getting out and socializing will be good..but you have to do it in your own time..and in places that won’t put you in harm’s way. Hopefully friends will think about this..and be more understanding and see why you made the decisions you did this weekend..and talk to you about it. You shouldn’t have to explain to someone why you’re protecting yourself. Giving in to other people’s ways isn’t the answer..and choosing not to is bound to cause hard feelings with some. Unfortunately it’s something we can’t always avoid, and it’s unpleasant to go through..but it’s necessary. You need to do what’s best for you right now first..do what works for you..not someone else. Nobody else is doing the work and going through this rehabilitation for you..it’s all you.. and you need to protect that. This will upset people..and it means they’re not taking this delicate time into consideration. You overcame the temptation to go someplace that could have put you in harm’s way.. at the cost of upsetting someone..and you stayed strong and dealt with the feelings on your own..and got through it. This weekend was not a bust..it was a success…please think about that.

    Keep pushing forward Tim, you’re getting stronger every day and you’re doing great!

  2. One more little thing.. just remember that if something about a situation makes you uncomfortable in any way.. listen to those feelings and don’t give in, and don’t do anything that you feel you’re not ready for to appease someone, or because you think it’s what someone wants. The price for this can be way too high.

  3. You should keep doing what your doing. It is awesome that you thought of your sobriety first and foremost. Yes, people will still be disappointed (and I am not going to lie, I was) but I COMPLETELY understand why you didn’t chose to come. You are new in your quest for a better life without drugs and the bar is the last place you should be. I guess I was the one who wasn’t thinking. I certainly wasn’t trying to compromise your sobriety. Rather I was thinking of myself (picking where I was most comfortable meeting) and for that I am sorry. I am sorry that I wasn’t thinking. I hope you understand why I chose to pick somewhere where I felt safe because I knew others. I promise you I was NOT trying to sabotage you. Forgive me for being stupid.
    You are stronger than you think you are. You proved it. Keep up the good work

  4. btw I must admit I feel a little attacked because of a misunderstanding.
    Your problem was with pills so it REALLY was an over sight when I suggested bar.
    You are drinking beers at home so I guess foolishly it didn’t occur to me that the bar
    would bother you. I am not a bad person, or a judgemental person, so I would hope I get
    the same courtesy of not being judeged

    • sorry you feel that way didn’t mean to do that … so I don’t think of you as a bad person …just putting my feelings out there .. I thank you for doing the same as this helps us all …I hope this doesn’t discourage you in the future.

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