3 comments on “Monday March 26 ..new class today.

  1. I can tell you this. You certainly have a much better grasp (and hunger to learn) about the program and your needs. Most addicts just go through the motions and go to class. They keep themselves disconnected to a certain degree from process. You are diving right into it and eager to learn what YOU need to know to make the program work to suit YOUR specific needs. Already you have shown great resolve and a bigger commitment than most people seeking treatment. You should be very proud.
    This approach will serve you well and if you keep the enthusiasm and great attitude, you are going to not only do well,but I am sure you will beat this!

  2. The thing about programs like this is sadly, they feel that everyone should be treated the same. I personally do not believe this. If you were to enter a paid program (rehab) they might cater to your specific needs, but because it is a ‘state run’ program that is basically put in place to help individuals who have gotten themselves into trouble or court ordered to be there, everyone is basically a number. They have a basic ‘text book’ approach to how the group should be handled. Each person there is going to have different problems and need a different approach. I DO however believe that because you are aware of this you are already taking care of that aspect of it. You are making the program work for you and what you need. You will be your own advocate in this and will know what is right for you…and what is right for the meth addict, or a alcoholic, may not be right for you. So yes Tim, I think you have a fantastic grasp on this and you are going to get more out of this than most because you are taking the time to research and learn.
    Most of the class will just show up and do their time. That is why a lot of people fail
    So please keep up the good work and keep doing your research and make this program work for you DESPITE the drawbacks of classes like this.
    These are just my opinions however

  3. Everything Christine said was completely awesome..I couldn’t agree more. You’re doing an excellent job at keeping an open mind with this program. So many people have no interest in the hows and whys of addiction and recovery..most just want it fixed quickly, and I agree many end up failing. With the research you’re doing, you’re able to take away what benefits you the most. By doing this you have gained quite an advantage and you’re doing a great job at applying what you’re learning in everyday life. Keep moving forward Tim, you’re doing amazing, it’s showing more every day and you’re beating this!

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