One comment on “Tuesday March 27….hmmm going to class

  1. First Tim I just want to congratulate you on your success so far, 47 days sober and going strong..and 18 without cigarettes’re doing fantastic!! You’ve accomplished so much on this journey so far. I notice you getting stronger every day..and doing great with handling the emotions and anxiety..and realizing how many great things are coming your way in life..I’m really proud of you.

    It’s a bit sad to hear of the instructor’s lack of enthusiasm in the class. It doesn’t create a good learning environment when he doesn’t engage people..and encourage discussion more often. It almost sounds like he was a bit dismissive..and people attending the class will sense and be more reluctant to participate. Although some of the people that are there simply to fulfill a court mandate won’t be very eager to learn and speak of any concerns during class, the instructor should push a bit harder to encourage discussion.

    I’m sorry you were interrupted while discussing your concerns, and I’m so happy to know this kind of thing isn’t discouraging you in any way. Your strength and resolve, enthusiasm and eagerness to learn are growing every day, and you’ve got so many great things to look forward to. You’ve got great friends posting here, we’re all cheering for you..watching you grow and move forward. Keep going Tim!!

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