3 comments on “Wednesday March 28th …. Gratitude…?

  1. Tim I found quitting cigarettes difficult for me but did do it back in 1991. Prior to quitting hubby and I went to a program called Smoke Enders. We smoked our last few days of butts and placed in a large jar of water. Once we quit we kept that jar and noticed how black the water got and that represented our lungs. After a few days of quitting cold turkey we both wanted a cigarette so bad, at that point we opened the jar and smelled the contents and yes almost puked. You have the roughest part behind you with 18 days without smoking. You will start smelling cigarette smoke in your closets etc and it will make you wonder why you ever started smoking. Addiction to anything is hard. I am now facing the face I have to lose weight to feel better and have better health. I was told at my last yearly physical in January I was pre diabetic and I have arthiritis in my knees, ankles, hands and lower back. My Mom was diabetic and I do not want to become insulin dependent. I need to lose the weight to give my weight bearing joints a chance to have less compressed cartilage My husband has been diabetic for the past 8 years and he struggles with diet all the time. My son Tom says he feels jinked and will grow up to be a diabetic. I keep trying to encourage him to stay away from the junk food and get more exercise. Kids today want the computer and video games. They don’t play outside all day day in and day out like we did as kids. I left a message on you facebook wanted to send you a more personal one. I have to confess I do not remember the last time we saw each other but I do think of all my cousins and I hope and pray you will find peace and achievement in your goals!!! Take care of you Tim!

    • Martha yes I can’t say the last time we were in the same zip code..let alone seeing each other, I can say since fb I have thought about you guys at various times throughout the year. I certainly appreciate the support and your story . The smokes are a hard habit to break . I know harder than anything I’m doing as I really just have had it . I’m sick of living for something or someone else. Anyway please continue to KEEP your eye on me and stop here once in a while. Again thanks and if you are coming this way I would love to see you , just message me or something .

  2. Tim, you are doing awesome and keeping a good attitude….and you have lots of genuine friends who are supportive. Just forget the rest for now and concentrate on you.
    I know you will succeed because of this and because you have the determination it takes.

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