One comment on “Thursday March 29…..Positive over negative..fact or fiction

  1. You can’t be the only one who notices the difference. It is too big NOT to notice.
    this is a perfect example at how heavy drug use, coupled with alcohol and cigs was aging you beyond your years. Now, you not only look much healthier, but happier too.(looking younger is a pleasant added bonus–kinda like a reward for taking care of yourself)
    Keep diligent because though it’s smooth sailing now, there will always be someone or something ready to ‘test’ your commitment. So many people are rooting for you, so if you EVER feel like you want to use CALL someone and get some support. Don’t wait and think you are healed and don’t need help. You are strong, but even the strongest person needs someone to lean on sometimes. I am very proud of you! I am sure everyone is!!
    Now don’t be so hard on yourself sometimes and give yourself that huge pat on the back you so richly deserve because not only did you quit drugs but smoking too!

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