2 comments on “Sunday April 1 …..

  1. Tim I wrote this poem this AM just for you……….I hope it speaks to you

    The Lord has given me life and strength, to endure what I need for me
    Opening my eyes and my heart I have finally come to believe
    Awakening my soul, I give my life to the will of recovery
    I pray, I stand tall, and I walk with security.

    As the day goes on from dusk to dawn
    Feelings coming together, I have found where I belong
    Listening and learning has given me a new peace
    Accepting my failures and defeats, and making me strong

    With humility today, tomorrow there are no insecurities
    For when I have truth, I have serenity.
    Faith, hope, trust, all the above
    now that I am clean, I can finally begin to love

    Facing my feelings I will grow indeed,
    I have pondered in thought, cleansing my need
    Materials of man I have greatly dismissed
    and can sincerely say my life of drugs will never be missed

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