7 comments on “Monday April 2….future looks bright …?

  1. Tim, Giving advice is easy. It’s words and phrases that the people who are saying it really do mean and unfortunately, in situations like this, it’s the only way they can help. Applying it, however, is a whole other ball game. “Live one day at a time, look to the future:” it all depends on where you are in the present. Today, you live for today. You take one step at a time, hour by hour, until you lay your head down on your pillow and realize you did it. You accomplished what just this morning looked like next to impossible. Tomorrow, wake up and see how you feel. If you’re feeling upbeat and confident, look a little into your future. Don’t go hogwild – disappointment’s a bitch! But know that today, tomorrow and into the future, people are pulling for you. You have what many don’t: HOPE and a FAMILY that cares about you.

  2. I can understand it’s hard to be able to look to the future and plan that far ahead. The friends saying you have a bright future..I think are saying it with the best of intentions..as we all care about you. I know I’ve probably said it many times.. it might be that we all slightly different ideas about the meaning..when we mention a bright future.. to me, a future free of drugs..is a bright future. The future is wide open, and you’ve mentioned some great things you’d like to do..one is attend college, which is an excellent idea. It’s something very beneficial to yourself and future, as well as something I think you’ll really enjoy. It’s ok not to have a life plan set for yourself yet. You’re forming ideas of what you might like to do..and doing this in manageable pieces. This is also what some might mean when they say you have a bright future ahead. I hope this makes sense..You’ve come a long way and doing so great with your rehabilitation..all these weeks of success and gained strength..and more every day. You’re doing amazing, and I think it’s an inspiration to us all, and hopefully for, if there’s anyone, who’s reading this that still may be struggling. Some of the emotions are coming stronger now, but you’ve also grown much stronger along with them.. and have been able to deal with them much better, they can’t beat you. We’re all very proud of you for that and many other things..and you deserve a lot of credit. Keep going Tim..I know it’s been a very trying few days.. but tomorrow is a new day, and it will be beautiful.

  3. Hi Tim, some of the posts on Pocket Perspectives are presented lightly, but I do that to make what I’m learning more palatable…there’s a lot in the blog about coping/shifting etc, especially in the “pull weeds” upper tab that has lots of perspectives I’ve learned…through much difficulty. I also am part of another blog that is grounded in the ideas of “one day at a time”, living in today/now etc. It’s full of good, steady, reassuring wisdom that I’ve received over the years from a dear friend. The friend is a Buddhist monk, but the ideas are just good common sense ideas…typical of ideas from cognitive therapy…his ideas and reassurance helped me get back up after a deep drop and to get back into living more fully… that blog is at http://reflectionsfromafriend.wordpress.com/ I wish you well…

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