12 comments on “Tuesday April 10….

    • Sorry about the number change …The ER dosent know whats wrong , I refused a hospital stay that was recommended for further testing..The pain has lightened up so i’m gonna see what happens.

  1. I can only imagine how alarming that must have been. Very glad to hear you went in to be seen, and hope everything is ok. Please take it easy and feel better, let us know how you’re doing when you can!

  2. thanks for liking my blog (the trouble with milk) I do hope that you can get further testing – My husband at home had an undiagnosed problem with a valve and they did a wonderful surgery to correct it – but he went through sudden chest pain an incredibly scary night before it was finally revealed – good thoughts for you – wanted to impress how important the ‘further testing’ is take care – your easter post was warming although I read it late take care tim-

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