5 comments on “Tuesday April 17 …..Is that unconditional…?

  1. As hard as it may be to believe, we are all looking for love and whether conditional or unconditional we grab what we can. I hope you find the unconditional love that you deserve.

  2. Tim I love your blog! Very thought provoking. Your journey will awaken a part of you that you didn’t realize existed or perhaps you did…it’s good to face these thoughts and question. I once asked a psychiatrist years ago if everything is made of molecules why can’t i put my hand through it, why can’t I move at the same vibration and pass through, why. We all have questions and if we look deep enough within ourselves we can answer those very same questions. Settle for no one Tim, because you are someone. If people will not treat you with the same respect you give them they don’t deserve your time. There are people out there who will give unconditionally. Few and far between, but they are out there….I think in a past life I was an animal (but thats another post)

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