3 comments on “Wednesday April 18…I have to do what…? ohh ok

  1. Hi, I’m Leslie and this is the first time on your blog. I have been sober from booze since December 2008 and from drugs since March 2010. I can identify with some of your thoughts here.

    I can say that my thoughts on just about everything have and continue to change as I stay clean and sober. Look for real honest [I’m talking rigorous truth here], solutions to the problems I had. Which were, in part, the underlying reasons I drank and used drugs. That said, I found that when I try to justify any part of my old behavior, or to understand from a yesterdays thinking mind-set, I eventually begin to think about using again because I am in pain.

    I am free today. I do not give up any liberty for security today. But I sure did. When I was using the world, and all the people in it, dominated me. The funny thing is, I didn’t know that. I was much the way you describe yourself here. I thought I was in charge. The boss! Boy was I wrong.

    Good luck on your sobriety journey.

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