4 comments on “Saturday April 21 ….yes it seems some are pros

  1. I had a feeling that you would be drawn to communicate with your past when some of the people from it were commenting on your blog. Your past is always going to be there, but you can pick and choose which parts YOU want to deal with…..just know that by dealing with it you are putting yourself at greater risk of bad feelings returning to haunt you.
    While I think your brave to try to deal with these people who hurt you so badly, I also think your a bit crazy lol…sorry, that is not meant in a bad way. It’s just I know from what we have discussed that you were very hurt and felt used and abused and put through hell. I think until your are stronger in your recovery there are certain people/situations you should avoid for your own good. I would hate to see all this hard work (and keep it up btw you are doing awesome!) go to waste.
    Be diligent in your recovery Tim. Be wise, be careful and take good care of YOU and to hell with everyone else for right now. YOU ARE IN CONTROL NOW.

  2. BTW have a great time with family….they are fantastic medicine when you need it most. Hope you have a good time and get to relax a bit, you deserve it.

  3. You’re doing great at bringing a bit of closure to some of the past memories that still cause a little pain and anxiety..and you’re seeing so much more clearly some of the things you know you need to protect yourself from. I agree the past will always be there, and so will those memories, and you’ve become strong enough to know which ones you can deal with, even if it’s a little at a time, to put the more painful parts of your past in perspective, and not let those memories dominate your mind. Even with the anxiety that still lingers now and then, you’re not letting these memories hinder your recovery and vehemence for your future. That’s not an easy thing to do..and we’re all proud of you for staying strong and not letting your determination waver. It’s great knowing you’re feeling so good and having a peaceful weekend with family, enjoy every moment, and Christine’s so right, you deserve it. You should feel so proud of yourself Tim, as we are of you..a couple of months ago, it was hard for you to imagine feeling as good as you do right now, and here you are, you did it! The hard work is paying off.. and believe me it keeps getting even better.

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