6 comments on “Saturday May 5…we are one…

  1. Tim – I’ve always said that the fairy tales we were read as children were full of hog-wash. When we are younger, life is simpler – when we grow older, we also drag around the baggage that we chose to carry along the way. Memories of the simpler times are wonderful. And by the way – thank you for serving our country! Young and immature or not, you did a great thing back then. Thank you for posting this and you too have an awesome weekend!

  2. I’d like to join others in saying thank you Tim.. for serving our country. What amazing memories to be able to carry with you.. of a simpler time and of a very special family like no other. I’m sure they remember you and those times as fondly as you do. Those memories are priceless and I appreciate that you shared this with us. It’s one of those things that few of us will be able to fully understand I’m sure unless having been through the same, and you’ve given us a glimpse into the special bond of family and friendship you have with the brothers you served with. The poem you shared is beautiful as well. The way you described the memories of that time with those you were with.. that’s a perfect example of unconditional love. As always, we’re all very proud of you Tim 🙂

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