10 comments on “just another day…

  1. Man you did it!!!…on this day you defeated the bastard…on this day you won!!!…that is strong…nobody can take that success away from you…it is yours forever!!!…and that is awesome!!!

    Seem a little over the top? Well it isn’t. Those are exactly the same words I used when I was overcoming my personal demons. Were they the same as yours? No. But the end result was the same…they wanted to hold me back. For over 20 years i was a professional criminal (I have the multiple mug shots to prove it). Every waking moment was spent thinking of every conceivable way of making money without having to work for it. It was all I thought about, and I was good at it. But I changed. I learned how to reroute my way of thinking…took some time, but I did it. Now when I walk into someone’s home or a business I am no longer looking at entrances and exits, locks, traffic flow, alarms, videos, light positioning…you get the idea.

    BTW…thanks for following my blog…I hope you will always find value in what I write.

    Be encouraged!

  2. Hang in there, a wise person was once overheard saying “one minute more, one hour, even one day and it will get better. I use this mantra to push through BS in life and go about LIVING….

  3. Yes, that is a hopeless feeling, but you can quit smoking if you just decide that’s it! I know I did it, granted medicine helped, but it still took a decision to quit that wouldn’t waver! I know how hard it is for people with anxiety, I just wish they knee cigarettes intensify the emotions you’re feeling! Now that I’ve quit I have my confidence back! Great blog this is important!

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