4 comments on “Winston Churchill

  1. You don’t know me. I saw a comment you left on Anne Sikes’s blog. I didn’t know why I clicked on your name — until I saw the Churchill quote. I needed that today. I just needed that. Thanks, Sandy

  2. GREAT QUOTE!! I sometimes let fear make my decisions. After a failure it gets a foothold, and I shouldn’t let it. But to remember that failure is not final is a tall order for most. While I realize it, there’s a little voice inside that keeps listening! For the first time in my life I’ve realized that voice doesn’t know that much. I have to fight it! Or I’ll never achieve what I want to! Also success is not final is great too. When I have a success I realize I need to keep going. All this Is directly relating to me & my blog today! Ha! Thanks for tipping me over towards doing what I was afraid to do for some reason. Because I know I should & you can’t win if you never try!!

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