One comment on “Monday May 21….

  1. Having many options available is a blessing..and it’s natural to feel anxious about that. The fear and possibility of failing will always be there.. for any and all that are facing unknown future challenges. I think we should worry.. if we ‘didn’t’ have some of those fears. It’s ok to reflect on past failures and learn from long we use that to our best advantage and try to learn from what went wrong, and what to improve on. As difficult as it is, we can’t let those things that happened in the past dictate how things will be in the future, past failures don’t have the power over us to do that unless we let them. You’re doing great in everything you’re doing, and all the new ventures you’ve entered into since your recovery began. On that note, I do want to say that since recovery and maintaining sobriety is a lifelong should be congratulated again on your progress, you’re doing an amazing job.

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