10 comments on “Thursday May 24..The search..

  1. That’s awesome Tim. I am addicted to the cigarettes. I have put them down more times than I can count, but then always pick them back up. We all have something. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you here, and I know you’re gonna be okay…I believe it. Blessings! –Anne

  2. I can say the cheesiest lines and pat you on the back for both, your success and your bravery. However, cheesy lines and pats on the back contribute to that “too strong” and fall prey to relapse. Ultimately, I know a thank you usually goes a long way. I know how it feels to wear the arrogant cape and fly into deep sh*t because I do it often when I gain some sober time, then, my mind starts to rationalize for me. The medication I need to help me function at times becomes my enemy. I’m simply just trying to manage the sucker. So far I’m two weeks without, but absolutely no HW, finals, and important phone calls are done. Hey, maybe you can spare a pat for me?! haha :*0) Thank you again.

    • Thanks Melissa …I’m doing very good , the blogging helps tremendously , I have learned so much about myself …Thanks again for the kindness…:)

  3. I’m so proud of you for doing such an amazing job with your recovery. It starts with watching the minutes tick by, hours turn to days, days to weeks.. and now you’re talking months! Finding that balance between thinking about the drugs so much that it poses a problem..and becoming so comfortable that the guard comes down is one of the hardest things, but gets much better as time goes by. You’ve done a tremendous job at beating that monster back when it starts to creep too close for comfort. You’re doing so excellent, we’re all so proud of you..and you should be very proud of yourself.. keep going Tim!

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