7 comments on “Wednesday May 30 a few thoughts of the day….

  1. Be strong…
    Be faithful…
    I hope you get over the situation you’re dealing with quite really soon. I can understand the power of thoughts, how they can control you entirely. Keep up your spirits… Open your arms and let the wind embrace, let it be a part of your existence. Do random things, keep your mind distracted- live and love.

  2. Sometimes you have to plateau for a bit to build up enough strength to get over the next hill. That strength is important. It’s key, because that stuff that builds up and comes back and triggers, it comes back in spurts and they are strong. They try to work their way back in. The thing is even in your plateau, you are noticing. You are aware of what’s happening and that matters. That is still growth, just not on a huge incline. It’s in careful, important steps. The things that make you stable, that make a foundation for the continued leaps you are going to make in the future. The fight is hard. So keep building your strength.

    • I am aware of things around me , I do get confused easily about certain things in the past , they keep showing up …This is a continuing fight and I do realize it will never end . I am interested in your book as well, I have been reading tons in the last few months . always love to read someones thoughts . Thanks for the kind words ….

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