12 comments on “My question for today..

  1. I’ve learned that my opinions are based on my limited perception and scope. This is what I wrote on my blog on day one. This still holds true for me. If I find myself pulled to say something or speak my mind, I ask why? What in me is making me feel like this is so important? Why not learn from the other person. Anyhow here is what I wrote day one: We each view life differently. Our understanding of this life experience is primarily based on our individual genetic makeup, societal influences, family environment and dynamics, adopted belief systems, and the limitation of the five senses. Some would go further and postulate that our experience of this life is based on a collective spiritual, and perhaps even ancestral, journey, and/or that we are living a journey already preordained and set out in an exact blueprint. There is the concept of emptiness. There is the idea of heaven. The thought of the collective unconscious. The faith of a higher power. Some even hold true to the fact that we are living in multiple dimensions, creating infinite destinies with each and every decision, each and every breath. Others believe this life is finite–that the real reward rests beyond.

    Each of us holds something to be true about our experience of the world: even if that truth is simply believing no truth exists.

    I’m not here to conjecture the theory of my existence, and definitely not your existence. Nor am I writing to make some claim that I know the workings of the vast mechanisms of our minds–the place (perhaps) where existence is manifested. I’m here only to examine the workings of my mind and spirit, and how, in this present moment, life appears through the eyes of a female diagnosed with Aspergers.
    Take Care 🙂 Sam

  2. i am studying and have started writing about active listening and the art of conversation. It’s something I find fascinating and interesting. It is also a great way to learn a lot about people because you learn to put them at ease and learning to listen, calm your mind and emotions to really hear what’s being said. It helps you learn about the person and who they are without getting stuck on things they say. 🙂

  3. I believe it is fine to share your opinion as long as it is done respectfully and without trying to convince others to adopt your beliefs. It is also important that it be a give and take, a balanced conversation. If others are not able to meet these standards I don’t know if it is a productive use of your time and energy.

  4. What I’ve learnt is that if you choose to keep yourself silent all the time, you are also closed off to opportunities to open communication with, not only people, but yourself and your environment. Many times, through interactions with others,I have discovered new things, new thoughts about myself that I wouldn’t have connected with on my own.

    I feel that it is important to invite people and yourself to communicate with you. That doesn’t mean that you should expect people or even yourself to always take up that invitation but when conversation is initiated equally by both parties, magic happens.

    We may think that keeping silent is allowing other people to relax but, maybe, what we are really doing, is keeping ourselves relaxed. It may be a symptom of the fear of confrontation and fear of rejection. We keep silent because we assume that we will be rejected.

    Depending on one’s environment, the rate of rejection may vary. The more supportive and loving an environment, the lower the rate of rejection, especially when you are really and just being you. So my suggestion would be to find an environment where you can speak your mind and still have people receptive, accepting and relaxed around you.

    • Thank you Portia …I am entering that environment a little at a time , basically because of me getting off my high horse … Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and share your Ideas …have a great day my friend …Tim

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