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    • Hi Tim, Andie here from Bloodblista/Five8 Lifestyle. Thank you for your blog. It will help so many people understand, from one man’s perspective, the issues surrounding addiction. If only more people would listen I think the world would be a better place. Blog on, brother!

  1. hey.. nothing is permanent in this world and so are ur problems… there will be one day where you will be so much happy that u want problems… 😉 so cheer up 🙂

  2. Tim, thank you. You are doing much of my work for me. Like you, I wonder when my life shifted. I’ve been searching for my own blond hair kid who ran barefoot through the woods and seemed so happy and he let the colors of the world flood in. Now days the colors aren’t so bright and the sun only shines in memories.

    I’ll keep reading.

    • Thank you for reading …it’s a tough road , just to get back where the roads straight ..wished sometimes I never deviated …but I wouldn’t be me …need the balance of life …still getting there

  3. I never had the illegal drug abuse but have know so many who hid behind that cloak. You can not do it alone. You can at any point check yourself in for help. You do need to get into a group of NA for support maybe.
    I have been on the receiving end of so many others addiction I lost me.
    So if you are searching and we all are please reach out to those who can help you and not just with anti-depressants they are NOT ALWAYS THE ANSWER. I have had people I love end it while ON THEM!
    You can not sit in the house all day
    Sit in the woods or by a stream go fishing ALONE and enjoy the time spent there soon it will bloom into a beautiful place but if you hang with ugly all day trust me you will loose touch quickly with what is important in life Tim.
    I am not preaching just suggesting since your struggle goes on by the minute to CHANGE DIRECTION take another path
    Exercise, eat right, and write about pretty things and soon you will have what it is you really desire.

    When at the End of YOUR rope you must first yell for HELP


  4. Do you have any support from any one or two people that you feel comfortable and trust enough to socialize with? If not maybe just go out to the shops or malls and get out where there are people and you get to feel more comfortable doing so. Who knows, you may meet someone just passing the time of day with, while doing so. It’s got to be difficult for sure but maybe your confidence has grown just by the support you receive from other bloggers. Do you have any goals in your mind about what you’d like to do…if so work toward them by whatever means possible…just some thoughts….Diane

  5. Thank you for sharing this about yourself. I struggle with little addictions that I now consider huge because they have that hold on me that I don’t want. I look forward to reading more and learning about your personal experience. ♥

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