9 comments on “July 26 2012

  1. Tim my thoughts and prayers are with you that you will continue to fight your addiction and get through the rough spots. I am very close with two people fighting addictions, not drugs, but addictions just the same. I am part of the support team for one and I know how hard it is……sometimes we see the slide backward before he does. Stay well…..keep sharing your struggle, for yourself and others.

  2. I too am in recovery. It’s not easy. Sometimes it’s a minute by minute process. You will get through it. You will feel better. And years from now you will look back and say damn, I don’t ever remember feeling this good when I was using. There will be days when you have moments of clarity. Where you will wish you could just numb yourself, but you can’t. It will make you so damn angry that other people still can. But then you’ll see the good in your life and know that you don’t want to screw it up. You want to live. So my dear, keep living. Minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day, year to year and decade to decade. You will get through it. You will.

  3. If you carry on putting your thoughts on here, there will probably always be one of your followers who are around at the time of posting, and we can talk to you when you start feeling troubled. You have done really well getting so far, you have immense strength and willpower to have battled on so long, so you can do it.

    Well done Tim

  4. So sorry Tim! I had those wordpress issues and forgot to refollow you – you are amazing – I have now just pressed the right buttons – argh, I am hopeless! Jxx

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