7 comments on “Green Day ..Jaded New Medication By timzauto

  1. Great video tim. Btw, I should’ve nominated you for a beautiful award but when Iwas visited your blog you already got one so I pass it on to someone who has a beautiful blog as yours but don’t have an award. God Bless!!!

  2. I came to this post remembering that blond haired boy. Amazing how as kids we don’t say much and sometimes are going through so much that nobody realizes and as adults its not much different, just older people trying to get past issues. I’m glad to have connected with you Tim and am glad to see you working through it all to find yourself.

    • Thanks Shelby , It’s been a long time coming . I see your doing very well , I hope you continue with joy in your life . I will have it as well….lol one of these days , but getting closer everyday….

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