5 comments on “Monday November 19 2012….the hardest part is the waiting ….

  1. Congratulations on your perseverance .. Do you not have other resources to interact with those that have no connection to your past?

    I don’t know what your beliefs are but sometimes there are caring people within the church. I do realize that sometimes that is not the answer at the moment. When I was in a depression episode the thought of a lot of people even at church intimidated me…..just a thought…Diane

  2. Ten months clean…9 months with cigarettes. Congratulations! You mentioned trying classes. That can be a good way to meet people, especially when the teacher encourages interaction. My shy daughter met her boyfriend in a history class. Writerwannabe has a good suggestion, too. Sometimes there are caring people in similar circumstances in church. Getting out like Bumble Flies says is the first step. Best wishes and courage for the next step to you!

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