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  1. It’s my personal opinion that the addiction of drugs can be the same as alcoholics, in that for some it can be in their genetic make-up that makes them more prone to becoming dependent on the substance whereas others, even in the same family do not become addicted because their DNA is different. My father was an alcoholic and I would consider that 3 out of 10 children became alcoholics. They were ‘functioning’ alcoholics…. but the other 7 could drink alcohol without becoming dependent on it. Yes there is the choice to remain addicted or seek help, and it is possible. 1 of the 3 became free of it for the last 10 years of his life, because he made the decision that he didn’t want to live that way anymore. Just my thoughts… Diane

  2. Hi, Tim. I wonder if you might do a huge favor for me. I still like putting images on my Brainstorms blog, but something has changed, which makes it more difficult now, and I’m having major difficulty. Something I like doing is using a Welcome banner (which I previously pulled from Google images) when someone new follows my blog. Might you at all be interested in creating one for me which I can then have in my own documents? I would then use that same one all the time and hopefully it would be much easier than trying to write down a long URL every time I wanted to use one from Google?
    And…I understand about Christmas not being different from any other Wednesday or Monday. I think of you with hope for an ease through the holidays. This time is difficult for many, including me, for differing reasons. I care. Thanks, Tim. Maggie

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