4 comments on “1/23/2013

  1. I am sorry you’ve hit a rough patch, from experience in being a “supporter” to someone who struggles as well, I know that sometimes you don’t need to hear words, you just need to know that someone is listening and hearing, that although people may not know or understand, they don’t judge the challenges you’re facing either. He struggles to find those true friends too…it is difficult. Don’t give up on voicing your thoughts and frustrations, even if only in your writing. Your in my prayers that this bend in the road will not be a long one.

  2. What support do you have at all Tim…? Is there a community program available to join..(even if you’re hesitant to be around people in a group) Do you belong or have any wish to belong to a church ..as many have ‘single’ groups that have a lot of the same feelings you do? What about joining a gym club where you might interact and find a like-minded person?

    These are just suggestions…maybe you’ve thought of them and dismissed them..but I know there is something there for you…it’s just a matter of finding it…I’ll pray of course…Diane

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