11 comments on “Student,Scholar or Cocaine Cowboy

  1. Just keep speaking your truth to people interested to listen – maturity, immaturity – I think that these are just labels, they don’t really mean anything specific because they’re impossible to measure. Addiction is a complex journey to work through and sharing is a vital part of the healing process, congratulations on your courage to tackle it. I’m looking forward to reading your blog. 🙂

  2. Seems to me you’ve made progress, whether you recognise it or not. The ability and courage to express yourself here is a huge step. Keep going! And don’t be sucked back into the ‘dribble most addicts or people I attract have to offer’. You recognise it as dribble. You’re too intelligent to settle for it!

  3. I didn’t have much schooling…I only graduated grade 10 and so I always felt less able to keep up with topics of conversations… but you know what I did… I just ‘listened’ a lot …tried to take in what was the general topic… and if there was something I wanted to learn more about… I read about it and became more informed… Even better now we have ‘google’ ability… And you know even now I will confess to people talking about something that I really don’t understand ….but that I love to listen and learn… Often I find people very forgiving …I find it’s better than pretending .. So don’t be embarrassed… just listen and you’ll be surprised ! Incidentally even though I did only have grade 10 I took different jobs along the years and before I had to go on Long term disability for M.S. I spent the last several years in a management position…. Diane

  4. You’re making a very valid point, I think, about not growing mentally during drug abuse. If you’re … say 15, when it starts, I think the emotional growth stops at that age, and if you eventually cease to abuse drugs, it starts again. These are my own thoughts about this, I’ve never read about it, or heard it being mentioned before, until I read this.

    • I was in a program that believed this to be true … It was one of the few things I was in agreement with… It is a fact that we do stop growing emotionally…thanks for your comment .. 🙂

  5. I applaud your courage and bravery. It takes a lot of strength to not only walk away from an addiction, but to know that former associations are now dangerous to your new path. I am now 6 years sober and I have realized that listening is a fantastic way to find growth and friends. It doesn’t matter who they are, people always like to be listened to, it is a fine step in conversation. 🙂

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