11 comments on “Daily prompt: Humble pie

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  6. Tim, saw you stopped by and wanted to return the compliment. So glad I did.

    I know how you’ve felt over the years. I, too, dropped out – two months before the end of my senior year…(long, silly story). Somewhere around 25, I took the GED. At 50, I went back to school. This time I was motivated. Earned my BA in Social Sciences/History in one year, but then I was hooked and went on to my Master’s degree in Strategic Intelligence with an emphasis on Intelligence Operations.

    Point: I read in your “About” page, you’re thinking of going to college. Do it!

    What got me going was this site, http://www.123collegedegree.com – he was a Navy guy. Email me if I can help. Best ~ HuntMode

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