32 comments on “Daily Prompt: Tattoo….You?

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  8. Very cool!! I’ve never seen that kind of wording before, where it will say two different things, depending on how you look at it.

    And thanks for the pingback 🙂

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  15. I think that is the reason to get a tattoo. It must have a significant meaning. That is why I am without. I like the idea behind your tattoo – two friends joined together in a single way. Very cool!

    My brother is inked on both arms and legs and maybe a few other places (on chest and back). He designed most of his tattoos and they all have personal significance.

    • I think there are several different reasons for getting tattos…people are all different . I think the reason for the tattoo boom was like other things , our ways of looking at things change with the years… Yes old ways depict that only drunken sailers or soldiers etc got tattoos from living a life of sin or what have you… The only thing that bothers me about that profile is has any one thought about what there going through … Fighting wars, forced to kill at young ages…. Hmmmm I don’t think tattoos should be at the top of our list for discussion …. Any who Thank you so and yes I have no regrets

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