4 comments on “Repairing the damage…

  1. I just wrote a quick blog on the effects of the ice storm here in Ontario. I also in a comment made a note to the effect that most of the workers trying to restore power to thousands still without it… have given up their Christmas vacation time to do so… and I for one will be doing something …likely a letter to the editor or something to commend them for their faithfulness and hard work… Diane

  2. When it comes to workers who give up weekends, holidays, and nights on our behalf, we take so much for granted. It’s a long list. (As a journalist, I worked many of those shifts and feel much sympathy and kinship with the others.)
    Still, the idea of working outdoors in icy conditions far from home and family puts the utility crews, as you say, in a league of their own. Think how often these days they show up from the Deep South or Midwest when our Northeast is hit, or our crews take off in the other direction even before the forecast plays out.
    This vulnerability is also something many home buyers overlook when choosing to live down the road out of sight of their nearest neighbors. I’m so glad we chose to live in town rather than my first choice (the one with the beaver pond) … not that we’re immune from protracted outages, but we are up higher on the priority list. Ever so gratefully so.

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