11 comments on “Resolution or regret

  1. I agree with you about having no regrets being … I think usual for most people…. but I would like to see you ‘forgive yourself’… It doesn’t sound like you have… (maybe I’m wrong here) Take care Tim xo

    • I think I have forgiven myself Diane… There’s just a few things I can’t let go of… Maybe more time will do the trick.. Have a great day…:)

  2. What you wrote is very touching. Your post made me think of one of my songs, which is called “More Than You Know.” Despite your regret, it’s hard to let go when you think of the love you carry. Someday, that love will be directed in a way that will be healing for you. It’s okay to love someone even when they’re gone. I know in my own life, I have a lot of trouble with the concept of letting go! Here’s a link to my song: http://judyunger.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/more-than-you-know-1-mix-8.mp3

  3. I always say forgiving is easy, letting go is hard. Barbara Johnson a favorite author of mine, tells of putting her pain, grief, past sins, {and I can say regrets although I know she did not say that}, anyway she pictured herself putting them in a box, wrapping a bow around it and laying it at the feet of Jesus and then walking away. At this point I thought to myself yes, but already I am seeing myself looking back and then going back to it, as I read further she said the same thing. It takes spiritual discipline to leave our box at the feet of Jesus, but He wants us to do it. Today when I do that I still look back but the difference is Jesus walks away from the box with me and is beside me leading me away from it. Yes, one day at a time but you are never alone – Jesus walks with you and we are with you with each step you take.

  4. I have never made new year’s resolutions. My wise old grandmother taught me when I was but 11 to treat each and every day like any other day. That way I would not be disappointed when Monday came, when the weekend was over, when the holiday was over, etc. Each and every day gives me the opportunity to make money, but I also schedule personal time for each and every day.

    I also look at each day as an opportunity to start something good or, perhaps, end something bad. If it’s December 7, why wait until January 1 to do that? Why procrastinate?

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